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Affinity Design interface
Best Vector Art Program and Pixel program combination...

the raw doodle was done on the iPad Sketch Club App..

transferred the doodle into Affinity Design 

done the details using 100 % Affinity Design by Serif.. 

toggled between Both vector and Rater in one Program.. Love the Results... 

once you learn the tools it is easy to use.. 
Night Wing
Crystal Frost had a habit of straying into the woods in the day, however as she got older, she grew a habit of. sneaking off, late at night, on her own. in the woods, Late one night, the sky lit by the light of the pale blue moon. The chilly autumn wind blew rustling the last few leaves still stuck to the branches of the trees, she quickly woke up to a strange faint sound off in the distance. Quietly getting up off her rock, as not to make a sound to wake her father, resting on a large rock a meter away from hers. she follows the trail that leads to the sound and disappears into the thick of the woods.
the stars shine bright in a moon light sky that let off an elegant glow to the forest ground. As if to be in a trance, she follows the sound, as it grows, the voices become clearer, Quickly snapping out of the trance, she starts to panic and hides behind a bush.
''We must keep clear of this part of the outlands.'' Night Wing warning the guards '' it has been said, ponies foolish to go to the outlands never return.''  
the two guards nodded and flew off in the night sky.. Crystal fearful of the story, believing it to be true, slunk her head down, keeping her eye on the bat like pony, backing away quietly, Snap, the fear surged through her, fearing it was the creature that takes ponies, she turned tail and ran.
Night Wing  hearing the running sound mistaking it of a lost pony, quickly chased after the pony...  Shouting  ''wait !  it is not safe!''    
Crystal fearing that the pony snatcher was after her,, kept on running, taking a quick look behind her she stumbles on a tree root sticking out of the ground  in the path,  Quickly she scrambles to her feet, however her foot is caught in the old twisted roots. Tears fill her eyes, her heart ponding in fear,  she covers her body with her wings hoping the pony snatcher will not notice..  
Under the pale blue light of the moon, Night wing Sees a green like Image in the distance, as he quietly walks closer, "'I'm not her to Hurt you, I'm here to help, its not safe in these woods.''  
Crystal eyes soaked in tears, lifts her wing..  The Guard sees her leg caught in the twisted roots using his Sword he chops at the roots to help set her leg  free.. As Crystal gets up, the blue light shines, the Guard clouded in his head,  not sure, was it a pony, or a dragon, she looks like both, but that is impossible. He felt something he never felt before.  
"'What is you name'' Midnight asked the pony dragon like creature...  
The fear of the Pony snatcher drifted out of her head,  and a new fear emerged..  Her father warned her about ponies and dragons, however this creature did not look like a pony or a dragon, it looked a bat pony like creature of some kind.  However she felt something she never felt before...  
Looking at him, under a moon lit sky,  lifting her head where he can clearly see her face Bravely replies ''Crystal Frost''  
She quickly turns runs off into the woods and disappears under the light of a moon lit sky, as her reflection fades into the forest.  
OMG i just finished the story how Crystal Frost met her one true love....
charecter comparison sheet
comparing Star Shines colors and features With her Parents

Father  Night Wing 
Daughter Star Shine
Mother Crystal Frost
Crystal Frost Learns to fly
chattersCrystals dragon Father refuses to teach his daughter to fly, he needs her to stay out of  sight to be safe. Not teaching her to fly keeps her grounded and gives him less to worry about...

While her fathers is away catching their dinner Crystal wanders off into the woods.

The warmth of the sun shining bright, the beautiful new smell of the clean forest, after a lovely small light shower, Crystal walks into the thick forest,, she hears chirping sound coming from a very tall tree, Curious on what it is, she tries to climb the tree, after many falls and a few bruises,  being stubborn refusing to give up. She finally reaches the branch.  

The chirping sound chatters grew loud, coming from a nest. On a think branch on the tree Baby birds. Five baby birds.

Overjoyed and happy to see the creatures. She lays down on the branch to watch the baby birds, being very still and quite hoping not to scare them off..  

Flap flap flap, the baby birds in excitement  quickly flocked to the bigger bird, the bird open its beak to feed her baby birds, crystals expression quickly changed from a happy smile, to a gross look. Yuck... How can they eat that stuff... However the baby birds seem to like it..  
She was relieved she was not a baby bird...

The big bird flies off, while the baby birds continue to chatter and chirp.. Worried that the baby birds might fall and get hurt, she stays behind to keep an eye on the baby birds..

Growl, feeling hungry,  she looks around for some food. up above her head she sees a big shiny red apple. She slowly and quietly stand up on her hine hoofs trying not to make a sound, grabs at the apple with her mouth, quickly yet quietly goes back to laying down on the branch..

.Munch, munch munch, crunch, eating her snack. she  looks back at the nest, one two three four...! Where is the fifth baby bird, looking quickly past the nest she finds the missing baby bird on the edge of the branch, tiny wings spread out, chipping happily, bobbing up and down,
Freaking out and not thinking she quickly spings into action to catch the baby bird, only to find herself falling from the tree, afraid she closes her eyes, however  suddenly her wings spread open and she find her self flying in the breeze, and coming to a Crash landing in a  blueberry bush.

Covered in small leaves, broken bush branches, and squished blueberries. She quickly scrambles up, looks in the sky for the baby bird.  Tweet Tweet Tweet that sound familiar.. She quickly turns to see the baby bird perched on the broken bush, eating blue berries with her beak.. still hungry, She joins in eating the blueberries...

Muzzle covered in blue, full and content, she watches the baby bird,

The baby bird lifts his little wings flaps and flies.. Crystal realizing her wings can do the same thing, decides to spend the rest of the day following the baby bird, imitating  the birds wing movements , and in the ends learns to fly  

Excited about what she just learned, she quickly rushes home. the bird perched on a branch watches as she fades off into the deep forest.

just getting back , with his catch in a old cloth,  crystal cries look what i can do.. she spreads out her wings, flaps them and takes to the sky, does a loop, glides, and lands on her rock..
feeling happy and proud at what she achieved.

Seeing his daughter fly for the first time,  he frowns, fearful and angary, he lashed out in anger,   scolds her for wandering off and tells his Daughter never EVER to fly ever again..

tearful  feeling  she did something very wrong she promises never to fly again.
I love to doodle, write poetry, written 50 poems so far and counting. learn photography, colour style digit stamps I bought from others, Digital Scrapbook, love serif software. listen to my favourite music, cook a variety of delicious meals, watch cartoons with my kids.
The TMNT series all of them are our favourite, and my little pony friendship is magic.

I have and use the following software, for my art
Art rage 4
Adobe PhotoShop CS6
Adobe Illustrator CS6
Serif Draw Plus
Serif Craft Artist 2

I love to colour style the TMNT, however I do have my own style of doodles, not sure what to do with them all, my profile has the Baby dragon that I drew, should I post more of my originals.
I just finished Donnie, and I love the results, Will be working on more TMNT. I just can't get enough of the show,
I know the rules you can not sell anything that has a trademark/copyright, unless you get a written permission. However, can I share my work with other, and what about my originals, should I post them here, should I sell prints of my own original doodles.
Not sure.
I open to request on what turtle to doodle next. Just finished Donnie and will be posting him soon wit his brothers.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I love to write poetry, doodle on anything. I have stared Laurie doosles, a personal collection to add to my digital scrapbook, learn photography. My man is better it, however my photos look more fun ;)
Digital scrapbook. Collect 80's my little pony toys, watch Pokemon. The show is AWESOME. build Lego sets. And make up new ones... Watch TMNT I love the show Too. I like make my own website, however I'm confused how to do this..

I also love to put together puzzles. and I plan to take puzzles to a new level.. puzzles free style originals...


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